Because for European cosmetics companies, it goes without saying that no animal tests have been conducted – after all, animal testing has been forbidden by the European Union regulation since 2009! And if something is self-explanatory, we do not write it on our products. The bunny symbol only makes sense in countries where testing on animals for cosmetics purposes is still allowed. In the USA, for example, brands can use this symbol to inform the public or for advertising purposes since not everyone manufactures their products without testing on animals. In European countries, on the other hand, this would only lead to confusion since it is forbidden to test on animals for cosmetics products anyway. According to the organization “cruelty free”, the European Union countries and India are pioneers in the ban on animal testing for cosmetics. Although this is great, it would be even better if we weren’t so lonely at the top and other countries would join us soon – for a world free of animal testing!