No. This has been prohibited in Europe since 2009, but we didn’t conduct animal testing before that, either. Not for our products and not for our raw materials either. We believe that beauty is no reason to torture animals. There are very good ingredients available to us even without animal testing. We try to use ingredients that have been used safely in cosmetics for a long time. Almond oil, for example. It has been used in lipsticks, creams, foundation and nail care for years and is proven to be harmless as well as extremely effective. But even in the case of such a natural ingredient, we cannot guarantee that it has never been tested on animals by another company within keeping of the chemical policy regulations mentioned in question 1. for example, this may have occurred in accordance with the legal requirements valid at that time (when animal testing was still allowed in Europe), for medical purposes or for a company outside of the European union. We can, however, guarantee that we have never conducted testing on animals ourselves and have never commissioned anyone else to do so.