Testing on animals is a no-go for Catrice. We do not conduct animal testing and do not commission anyone else to do so either. Not in the European union or anywhere else in the world. We never have and we never will. the contracts with our clients state that they must manufacture products in compliance with European union law, which strictly prohibits testing on animals. To us, this is a matter of course – and always has been on a voluntary basis – because we know that we can manufacture good and safe products without torturing animals. In the cosmetics industry, alternative tests have been used for many years instead of testing on animals. However, it is practically impossible to prove that a cosmetics product is totally free of animal testing. This applies without exception. This is because the ingredients may, for example (as already mentioned in question 1), have already been tested on animals for medical purposes. If there is no alternative method available, the pharmaceuticals industry still has to test on animals by law. Also, other laws apply for suppliers in countries outside of the European union. So it could happen that an ingredient has been tested on animals somewhere in the world – but since 2013, not for a cosmetics company that markets its products in Europe. Then there are the raw materials that have been tested on animals in the past. Some even decades ago when animal testing was still legal. Although we are in no way responsible for these tests, they cannot be undone. Many of these raw materials are still used in cosmetics – including for brands that have never conducted or commissioned testing on animals themselves. Because we are strictly against testing on animals, it is extremely important to us to explain these details! Luckily, work is underway to stop animal testing in all industries and countries as soon as possible and replace it with alternative testing methods. However, these methods have to be legally approved before they can replace animal testing. this is a real scientific challenge, which many companies are already facing with great commitment.